Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week 31: ELMER

Maayong hapon sa inyo :) This week was really awesome so I'll just get right to it:

Sister Bernolo is my new companion! She's really sweet and cool and I already love her. She's super patient with me and already loves our investigators. Also she is really good at speaking English but uses Ilonggo around me. We're also batch going home! So no matter what I'll get to hang out with her again when we go home :)

Elmer's baptism was awesome. He was so really prepared and cried when he bore his testimony (he says he didn't but he did) and Raniel, his half-brother, baptized him. After he was baptized, he came teaching with us and really shared a powerful testimony to one of our investigators that's struggling with word of wisdom and deciding if he should change now. He's just so cool.. both of them are already talking about serving a mission. They're awesome :)

We're teaching a big group of boys right now and they're all pretty cool, we've really seen their sincerity and they're having to make a LOT of changes in their life. Most of them are under the age of 20 and are all smoking, drinking and not in school but they really want to change and working really hard to stop their vices. They're so cool!

So time is just going really fast on the mission.. next transfer I'll only have nine months left of my mission. That's insane! I still feel like I just got here. Really trying to take advantage of my time here and doing everything we can to teach and find!! Missions really are such a blessing. Thanks everyone for your love and support! 

Sister Pope

1) Sister Bernolo and I!!

2,3,4) Elmer's baptism :) he's really so amazing. 

5) These kids join in our lessons with the boys we're teaching and they're all super cute and ALWAYS want to take pictures

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