Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week 30: TRANSFERS!!!

Hey everyone!!! Wow transfers are here already.. this transfer has gone by so fast have I have no idea where it's gone. This week was a huge roller coaster, but it ended on a high so I'll just get right to it:

Sister Lee goes home on Wednesday :( I have a new companion though! Her name is Sister Bernolo (I think) and I've heard that she's really nice and I'm super excited to be companions with a Filipino again. Sister Lee and I had a really awesome time though and I'm going to miss her soooo much.

This week was a hard week with our investigators at first.. Two of our most progressing investigators wouldn't talk to us and wouldn't even let us teach them. One of them was Raniel's half-brother Elmer who was planning on being baptized this past Saturday but he just stopped talking to us and then texted us saying that he didn't want us to teach him ever again. We were soooo surprised because we're pretty close with him and his Grandmother and we just cried. We went and visited him again though and apparently his aunt had gotten in a fight with him and said all these things about the church and he just got angry at her and then unsure about being baptized. BUT, he told on Sunday that he's received a witness that the church is true and can't deny it. He told us his whole conversion story and how he feels now that God really wants him to join the church and he's changed SO much, just in a week. He came working with us on Sunday and then at the end of the day set his own baptismal date for this Saturday. We already know that he's so ready and we're SO excited for him :) 

Other than that, stake conference was on Sunday and we had the most cool random investigators come and like it. Two of them are Christian and Ahmed and they're soooo cool and smoke like trains. They really want to quit though and are really wanting to change so we're excited to help them. ALSO at stake conference, the basketball boys from my first area were there!!!!! It was so exciting to finally see them again and they're doing awesome. I'm so proud of their change!!

Anyways.. I'll miss Sister Lee with all my heart but also excited for this coming week with my new companion. Thanks to you all for your support! Love you all :)

Sister Pope

1) Binggirl, a recent convert, wore some glasses to one of our lessons so she could look like me. Love this girl so much!

2) Stake conference! Raniel and Elmer joined the picture.. seriously like two worlds crossing it was awesome.

3) Bacolod 2nd ward!! Miss these members so much

4) Elmer and Raniel! They came to the stake building today (p-day) to play basketball with us. They're so awesome!!

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