Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week 29: (:

So I didn't know what to title this email so I just put a smile face because this week was just so amazing from start to finish. We witnessed SO many miracles and taught some amazing people.

First, Raniel was baptized :) He was soooo happy the whole day and brought his grandmother with him. His Grandma was the first in her whole family to be baptized and has developed such a strong testimony of the church and has really helped Raniel and Elmer on their conversion path. Raniel just understands everything so well though and loves the gospel. He's already talking about serving a mission one day! Seriously he's just such an incredible person, we feel very blessed to have witnessed his change. 

I was able to attend a baptism as well on Saturday -- in Bacolod 2nd, my first area! We taught Daniel with the other basketball boys but he really started listening the last week I was there and the boys would bring him to church with us and he asked if he could be baptized.. seriously so cute. It was a special day for him and got to see him again :) Also got a picture with Joseph's mom, I mentioned her when I was in my last area how she was my mom here and she really is. As soon as I walked in the door she had Joseph's cousin go out and buy me white bread and butter spread (she thinks I don't eat rice). Love her so much!

Sister Lee goes home on Monday.. It really is super sad and I'll miss her a lot. We've seen so many miracles together and really put ourselves out of our comfort zones with talking to EVERYONE and never getting up after being punted. She's taught me so much! Here's to our last week together.

Nanay Elma, Raniel's grandmother, had her birthday this week and we were invited. Things got a little out of hand and her two little grandchildren, Daniel and Arnie, but icing all over my face. Classic! It was a lot of fun though and great to celebrate with all of her little grandchildren. We love teaching her family and really feel like they're our family away from home here.

Anyways Sister Lee are trying to make the most out of her last week in the Philippines and working as hard as we can. I love Magsungay so much and the people we're teaching, I just feel really blessed to be assigned here. Thank you all for your love and support! It means the world :)

Sister Pope

1,2) Raniel!!! Bakod gid siya.. magmission sya segurado

3) Daniel! Such a cute kid and so excited to be baptized

4) Me and (joseph's) mom! 

5,6) Nanay Elma's birthday party. She looks sad but she's just blind and doesn't know where to look, she's probably partying on the inside

7) Daniel, Raniel's cousin. Love this kid so much

8) Brother Ibao came to work with us again this week, he's such a good ward missionary!

9) Getting cupcakes after Raniel's interview

10) Went to teach our investigator Emily and this little girl walks out with crazy hair. She's the daughter of a recent convert and had just woken up and looked SO tired and cute

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