Saturday, March 11, 2017


Maayong ugto sa inyu tanan!!! This week was another fun week filled with some crazy adventures. I'll just get to it:

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Fawcett! Her area is in Sante Fe so I got to spend the day with her having fun. It's cool because she's only a transfer ahead of me but super talented at speaking Ilonggo. Also fun getting people surprised at us for speaking Ilonggo to them when we're two white people haha. It never gets old!

We taught a really interesting lesson with two of our investigators this week.. We went in to teach them, they're two teenage boys around 17 and we started teaching them word of wisdom and they were acting so weird and out of it. We were in their living room and it was a little dark since the front room light wasn't on but then their mom came in and turned on the light and their eyes were soooooo red I just turned to Sister Lee and was like "oh my gosh they're so high!!!" Just kind of ironic we're teaching them word of wisdom. They swear to us though that they don't smoke or anything haha yeah we don't believe them. Also next time we go there we're bringing a member. Yay!

In other great news: Raniel will be baptized this Saturday! He is sooo prepared and so strong, we're so so excited for him :) It's been amazing to see his progression since I got in this area and helping him work getting closer unto Christ. He's really been a testimony to me of how nothing can keep you from being a follower of Christ as long as you have faith. It'll be a really special day!

That's pretty much it for this week, Sister Lee goes home in two weeks. Ahh!! But we're loving the work and loving the people :) Thanks everyone for your support!! Love you all

Sister Pope

1) This is the entrance to where I live, Villa Celia

2) Leaving a teaching appointment from Raniel's house and there's just two chickens casually fighting outside... and one of them is yellow and green. Classic

3) Our AP's birthday was this week.. Sister Lee and I bought the candle

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