Saturday, March 11, 2017


Kamusta kamu!!! Another great week in Magsungay. Sister Lee and I are having so much fun it should probably be against the rules haha. Here's for this week though:

Raniel, Elmer, Eljohn (Raniel's half-brother) and their cousin Andrew all came to church on Sunday!! We were sooo surprised because 1) they're teenagers and 2) we didn't remind them at all. They just came strollin up to church and their fellowshipper Mark welcomed them at the door and was like "heeeeyyy!!!!!" They all really like church and Raniel and Elmer both have a baptismal date and they're SO excited, we are too for them :) They listen so well in the lessons and ask such good questions, we've really seen their real intent and they're super respectful to us. It'll be an awesome month here!

We started to teach this part member family and lessons with them is always funny and crazy. The oldest is Janelle and we're pretty tight, we have a handshake and everything (she's eleven). Everytime we leave the lessons all the children attack us with kisses and hugs and they all want to take pictures. It's fun and crazy but they're super sweet and love listening to our lessons. Such cute kids!!

That's pretty much all that's happened this week, I tried chicken joy for the first time. It's just fried chicken but it's officially "street food" so you could get like diseases and worms from eating it but I ate it and survived. Man it was really delicious. Good week though! I can't believe the transfer is already half way over... Sister Lee goes home so soon! We'll make the most of our time here for sure. Thanks everyone for your love and support, it's greatly appreciated :)

Sister Pope

1) Sister Lee and I riding in the back of the AP's truck. Their area is in Magsungay too and they just gave us a ride to our apartment on their way home one night. We got lots of looks from people on the street haha

2) Mark, a member, with Eljohn, Raniel, Elmer and Andrew. Andrew looks terrifying here but he's actually like one of the nicest people ever and wants us to teach him

3) Us with sila ni Eljohn

4) Getting attacked by Janelle and her cousins

5) Riding on the jeepney home. I look pretty offended here, Sister Lee probably said something mean to get my attention haha

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