Saturday, March 11, 2017


Maayong ugto sa inyu tanan!! Another great week here in Magsungay, Sister Lee and I are loving it here. I'll get right to it:

There was this party at a senior missionary couple's house that served here a long time ago and we invited Raniel but we didn't think that he was going to go since he's so shy, but he came AND brought his super cool half-brother Elmer! They both had a really good time and then came to church on Sunday. They both stayed for all three hours and really enjoyed it, we're excited to keep teaching them this week!

We had an investigator, Edward, come to the church for the very first time with his family. His whole family are members and go to church every Sunday but he never came with them before -- until this Sunday! We made sure to get a family picture before they went. Families can be together forever :)

There was this HUGE festival in our area yesterday and all the members told us not to go out proselyting but we were like "no we're going out and working!!!" but we didn't realize how CRAZY it was. We only got a picture after we escaped from the crowd but there were so many people painted up in costumes and everyone on the street was throwing paint on eachother.. like the color festival except paint literally everywhere. We had to go home because there were so many people so kind of a bummer we couldn't teach anyone but it was cool and scary to witness haha.

Other than that, everything's doing good. I'm really loving this new area and am excited for the new adventures I'll have next week! Thanks everyone for your support, it means the world :)

Sister Pope

1) Edward at church with his whole family :)

2) Ervin and Inday, love these little kids so much

3) Brother Ibao, a member, came to work with us one day and played with an investigator's puppy, SO CUTE

4) I promise we do work but the beach was fun

5) Just a picture of us at district meeting this week, love Sister Lee so much

6) Crazy dancers from the parade, there were so many of them...

7) Raniel and Elmer with his lola, Nanay Elma, in the middle. She helps all of her little grandchildren get to church, it's so awesome

8,9) Raniel and Elmer, the first is because it was Elmer's birthday and we gave him a book of mormon :) then the second was at the dinner party thing at the senior couple's crazy nice house

10) One of the daughters of a really awesome RC family, we were walking to the senior couple's house :) such a sweet girl

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