Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 25: MAGSUNGAY!!!!

Kamusta kamu sa inyo tanan!!! This has seriously been the best week of my mission so far. So many things happened, we saw so many miracles, and the people in Magsungay are great. I'll just get to it:

So Sister Lee is the best. We have so much fun everyday and are loving the people we teach. There's this new investigator that we found this week, he's 17 and his name is Raniel. He's SUPER shy but he let us teach him a couple times but told us he's too busy to go to church on Sunday so we were really disappointed. But.. Sunday came and he CAME!! For all three hours!! And he really liked it! We're so excited to teach him again, we'll just have to catch him when he's not playing basketball (and he's seriously always playing basketball). He has a really sweet heart though and is really interested in learning more :) 

My new area is right next to the ocean so there's actually a few houses that border the ocean or are literally on stilts over the ocean. It's sooooo cool and kind of scary. The walkway to get to one of the houses is just this cement thing that's about a foot and a half wide and has ocean on either side. Really just saying prayers whenever we walk there that I don't fall in haha. 

Food in the area is awesome!!! We eat fishball or tempura or agogo everyday. Agogo is this creamy ice cream thing in the shape of an ice pop and they're sooo good. Sister Lee and I eat them everyday with no regrets. 

Cool experience for the week: so we were in church this Sunday after the meetings ended and one of the RM's ran in to tell us that a member's house had caught on fire. We went there as quick as we could and although the fire only burned for 20 minutes, their house and the three houses next to them all were burned to the ground. The one member's house had two bags of rice and a towel that was salvaged from the fire but everything else, including their clothes, had been destroyed in the fire. We talked with the mother though that lived in the house and she just said "ginatemptar ni satanas kami pero inde kami magupod sa iya. Sining ang pinaka blessed adlaw kay safe kami tanan" which means "satan is tempting us but we won't join him. This is the most blessed day because we're all safe". She just smiled and told us that everything was going to be ok. It really taught me about the perspective you're given when you realize what's important and what isn't. It wasn't important to her that all of things had been destroyed but that her family was okay. We're doing a service project for them this week so they can get their house built up as soon as possible. I love the mission and the amazing experiences I've been able to have here and feel so blessed for the people I've met. I'm excited for the time I'll have here in Magsungay and the transfer I'll have with Sister Lee!! Have a good week everyone, love you all :)

Sister Pope

1) One of the members, Bro. Marc, taught with us and he's sooooo funny. He always tries and speaks in English to us and it's just hilarious. Spiritual giant too, he's fellowshipping Raniel and being a good friend to him

2) Walking to a teaching appointment!! Seriously always feel like I might die here haha

3) Eating agogo every day. Seriously it's so delicious

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