Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 24: TRANSFERS!!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!! This week was amaaaazing and then I got TRANSFERRED! So I'm moving out of Bacolod 2nd and going to Magsungay -- which are in the same zone haha. But Sister Lee is my companion and we're SOOOOO excited, it'll be such a fun transfer. But anyways I'll get to the week:

So these three adorable kids in Laurel (same place as the basketball boys) went teaching with us all day Wednesday. They're investigators and really sweet and just walked the whole day from appointment to appointment with us. They were so good the whole day that we treated them to ice cream afterwards :)

So Joseph, one of the basketball boys and Ricky's younger brother, was finally baptized :) He's had a desire for awhile but finally outwardly showed his desire by finally going to church consistently, reading the scriptures, and offering really sincere prayers. This boy has changed so so much and I've come to love their entire family like my own. The baptismal font in our ward though is outdoors and our ward mission leader was late so I just cleaned the font myself haha. It was a good adventure.

Anyways this next transfer in Magsungay should be fun, get ready for a lot of pictures!! Thanks everyone for all the support and huge shout out to my family that sent me Christmas cards :) It really means a lot to feel your guys support! Love you all and have a great week!

Sister Pope

1) Benjie, Gerry and Daniel :) Daniel wouldn't smile so I had to intervene

2) Treating these crazy boys to ice cream, love em

3) Sister Moy and Sister Fawcett!! Sister Moy goes home tOMORROW I'm seriously going to miss her so much

4) Sister Ducado and I :)) sisters 4ever

5) Sister Lee and I!!!!! New companions and totally ready to hit the field

6) Cleaning the outdoor baptismal font!!

7) Joseph :) so proud of him

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