Friday, December 30, 2016


Hey everyone!!! I can't believe that christmas is nEXT WEEK!!!! Christmas in ilonggo is "pasko" fyi. This week was pretty good though so I'll get right to it!!

So "pigsa" means.... boil. Yep, I have a boil. AGAIN. It's cool though because now I know exactly what to do for it to get better so hopefully it'll heal a lot faster than the first one. We haven't has to miss any proselyting time though which is good, as long as the pain stays down we're good to go for teaching. 

So I think I talked about this investigator we've been teaching before in previous emails, we call him mushroom boy. Well, he's finally been baptized! He was so excited and he's become so bakod (strong) in the church. He was a referral from a member, Jeffery, and had a lot of support there, so much so though he really wants to serve a mission as soon as he's done with school. Just such a great day for him, it'll be exciting to see how much more he grows in the coming months! Let me just testify real quick of the power of members/fellowshippers. Every member a missionary for real guys! 

Other than that, things are about same as usual, good as usual. I'm so excited for christmas and all the food that members will give us HAHA. But seriously, Christmas is great and everyone should remember the real importance of Christmas; families and Christ's love. Love you all and have a great Christmas!!!!

Sister Pope

1) Joshua and Jeffery, these two boys are crazy but awesome

2) Joshua!!! I pulled out my camera and this was the first pose he made haha

3) This was from splits last week, me and Sister Schneider!! 

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