Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 19: KUTO!!!

Hello everyone!!! Another great week here in the Philippines, lots of awesome people we met and it's SO HOT like for real we smell terrible when we get home haha. But anyways I'll get right to it:

So "kuto" means lice in ilonggo. Yeah I have lice!! Really it was only a matter of time, like every single child here has lice for real, especially John D., one of our investigators. Sister Ducado though loving takes the lice out of my hair for me and we bought some lice shampoo so it'll clear up in no time!

We went on splits and exchanges this week which was super fun. First were the splits on Tuesday and I was with Sister Schneider!! I'm actually in her first area so we were able to go and visit the people she taught while she was here and it was just a fun day. Then we had exchanges on Thursday and I was with Sister Moy, the cutest sister here for real. She's from England and has an awesome british/ilonggo accent. She goes home next transfer though which is craaaazy. Time is flying people!!!!

I'm not going to say nothing else much happened this week because a lot happened but just little things that make the mission great. I'm seriously so grateful for all the people I've met/meet every day and feel blessed every day to go out and tell people how awesome and great their lives can be. I love the Philippines and I'm excited for another week!!

Maayong pasko, palangga ko kamo tanan :)

Sister Pope

I tried uploading pictures but the computers in this computer shack are SO sketchy and my camera might get a virus so stay tuned for next week haha

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