Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18: BOILZ

Kamusta kamo sa inyo tanan!!! This week had it's up and downs, I'll just get right to it :))

So the downs for this week is I got a BOIL on my leg. If you don't know what a boil is, don't google it because they're hecka nasty for real. It was super duper painful and I had no clue where it came from but we had to stay at home for tHREE and a half days for it to get better. For any of you that have been sick on the mission field, you'll understand the torture of being trapped in your apartment as you try to get better. You just stare at the clock at every hour, imagining where you would be, who you would be teaching, all the people you need to teach but you're SICK at HOME. It's the worst!! Glad to say that I've fully recovered from it all, I just sound like a chain smoker now from the sore throat haha. 

So I'm done with my training already which is crazy. Transfers were today but I get to stay in Bacolod 2nd for Christmas!!!! Best present ever for real. I'm just going to cry for days when I leave this area. I love everyone too much!!

Not much else to write about since I was dead this week but we're back at it and excited for the work!! Really loving Bacolod and super excited for this month :) Filipinos are crazy about Christmas and I am too. If you guys want to get to know who the Savior was, what He did, and what He does for us now, just go check out !! Lots of good stuff on there. Being on the mission I've seen the hand of the Lord in so many things and I know that He lives and loves us. He sacrificed all so that we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father. I feel both of their love for me and feel so blessed to live the life I have. He lives!

Sister Pope

1) You guys might be sick of seeing another picture of the basketball boys but here they are again!!! They're really just super amazing and they always bring their friends to our lessons so we usually have someone new to teach. From left to right, MikeMike, Marvin, Marlon, Aldrich, Ricky, Joseph 1, Argie, Joseph 2 and Carl. 

2) Me sitting on a jeepney!! This is what they look like on the inside. I look kind of dead in this picture, it was the first appointment we went to after being in the house for so long haha. Glad to be out in the real world!!

3) Sister Lee is in my district and they live on the other side of our house so we see her a lot. She KILLS me she's so funny haha. This is us on a tricycle going home after playing soccer at the church so that's why we look like we haven't showered in awhile haha, we haven't. There's a seat attachment on the side that can fit four people but since there were six of us Sister Lee and I sat on the back of the motorcycle. He was going sooooooo fast haha. Don't worry mom it's totally safe

4) Us on thanksgiving a couple weeks ago, eating chicken instead of turkey. Still good!!

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