Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 21: CHRISTMAS!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Man it's already over which is crazy but it was definitely interesting, much different from America!

Anyways not too much happened this week, Joseph, one of our investigators, went teaching with us in one of the more rural parts of our area and he loved it. Hopefully the YM we go with do a good job fellowshipping him!! 

Christmas was kind of lame actually because we had to go home at 4pm :( There are tons of drunk people out and there's a lot of fireworks that they put off in the streets so we have to be really careful and go home early. Same rules for the 31st too. It was fun though because we celebrated with four other sisters in our zone and just listened to Christmas music while eating our weight in candy that parents sent for Christmas. So, really a good day haha. I was also able to Skype my family earlier this morning which was super awesome. I love my family so much!

I can't believe that this year is almost over and in just one week, it'll be 2017! Crazy to think for the whole year of 2017 I'll be in the Philippines but I'm beyond excited for the people I'll meet and the experiences I'll have. These five months on the mission have seriously flown by! But thank you all for your support and love, it means the world to me. Hope you all have a fun and safe new year! 

Sister Pope

1) Going out teaching with Joseph, Jojo, and Jomen. They're great and so supportive of Joseph! Hopefully all of them will serve missions :)

2) Our crazy Christmas stuck in the apartment. This was after eating a lot so don't judge our faces!!

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