Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 21: CHRISTMAS!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Man it's already over which is crazy but it was definitely interesting, much different from America!

Anyways not too much happened this week, Joseph, one of our investigators, went teaching with us in one of the more rural parts of our area and he loved it. Hopefully the YM we go with do a good job fellowshipping him!! 

Christmas was kind of lame actually because we had to go home at 4pm :( There are tons of drunk people out and there's a lot of fireworks that they put off in the streets so we have to be really careful and go home early. Same rules for the 31st too. It was fun though because we celebrated with four other sisters in our zone and just listened to Christmas music while eating our weight in candy that parents sent for Christmas. So, really a good day haha. I was also able to Skype my family earlier this morning which was super awesome. I love my family so much!

I can't believe that this year is almost over and in just one week, it'll be 2017! Crazy to think for the whole year of 2017 I'll be in the Philippines but I'm beyond excited for the people I'll meet and the experiences I'll have. These five months on the mission have seriously flown by! But thank you all for your support and love, it means the world to me. Hope you all have a fun and safe new year! 

Sister Pope

1) Going out teaching with Joseph, Jojo, and Jomen. They're great and so supportive of Joseph! Hopefully all of them will serve missions :)

2) Our crazy Christmas stuck in the apartment. This was after eating a lot so don't judge our faces!!


Hey everyone!!! I can't believe that christmas is nEXT WEEK!!!! Christmas in ilonggo is "pasko" fyi. This week was pretty good though so I'll get right to it!!

So "pigsa" means.... boil. Yep, I have a boil. AGAIN. It's cool though because now I know exactly what to do for it to get better so hopefully it'll heal a lot faster than the first one. We haven't has to miss any proselyting time though which is good, as long as the pain stays down we're good to go for teaching. 

So I think I talked about this investigator we've been teaching before in previous emails, we call him mushroom boy. Well, he's finally been baptized! He was so excited and he's become so bakod (strong) in the church. He was a referral from a member, Jeffery, and had a lot of support there, so much so though he really wants to serve a mission as soon as he's done with school. Just such a great day for him, it'll be exciting to see how much more he grows in the coming months! Let me just testify real quick of the power of members/fellowshippers. Every member a missionary for real guys! 

Other than that, things are about same as usual, good as usual. I'm so excited for christmas and all the food that members will give us HAHA. But seriously, Christmas is great and everyone should remember the real importance of Christmas; families and Christ's love. Love you all and have a great Christmas!!!!

Sister Pope

1) Joshua and Jeffery, these two boys are crazy but awesome

2) Joshua!!! I pulled out my camera and this was the first pose he made haha

3) This was from splits last week, me and Sister Schneider!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 19: KUTO!!!

Hello everyone!!! Another great week here in the Philippines, lots of awesome people we met and it's SO HOT like for real we smell terrible when we get home haha. But anyways I'll get right to it:

So "kuto" means lice in ilonggo. Yeah I have lice!! Really it was only a matter of time, like every single child here has lice for real, especially John D., one of our investigators. Sister Ducado though loving takes the lice out of my hair for me and we bought some lice shampoo so it'll clear up in no time!

We went on splits and exchanges this week which was super fun. First were the splits on Tuesday and I was with Sister Schneider!! I'm actually in her first area so we were able to go and visit the people she taught while she was here and it was just a fun day. Then we had exchanges on Thursday and I was with Sister Moy, the cutest sister here for real. She's from England and has an awesome british/ilonggo accent. She goes home next transfer though which is craaaazy. Time is flying people!!!!

I'm not going to say nothing else much happened this week because a lot happened but just little things that make the mission great. I'm seriously so grateful for all the people I've met/meet every day and feel blessed every day to go out and tell people how awesome and great their lives can be. I love the Philippines and I'm excited for another week!!

Maayong pasko, palangga ko kamo tanan :)

Sister Pope

I tried uploading pictures but the computers in this computer shack are SO sketchy and my camera might get a virus so stay tuned for next week haha

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18: BOILZ

Kamusta kamo sa inyo tanan!!! This week had it's up and downs, I'll just get right to it :))

So the downs for this week is I got a BOIL on my leg. If you don't know what a boil is, don't google it because they're hecka nasty for real. It was super duper painful and I had no clue where it came from but we had to stay at home for tHREE and a half days for it to get better. For any of you that have been sick on the mission field, you'll understand the torture of being trapped in your apartment as you try to get better. You just stare at the clock at every hour, imagining where you would be, who you would be teaching, all the people you need to teach but you're SICK at HOME. It's the worst!! Glad to say that I've fully recovered from it all, I just sound like a chain smoker now from the sore throat haha. 

So I'm done with my training already which is crazy. Transfers were today but I get to stay in Bacolod 2nd for Christmas!!!! Best present ever for real. I'm just going to cry for days when I leave this area. I love everyone too much!!

Not much else to write about since I was dead this week but we're back at it and excited for the work!! Really loving Bacolod and super excited for this month :) Filipinos are crazy about Christmas and I am too. If you guys want to get to know who the Savior was, what He did, and what He does for us now, just go check out !! Lots of good stuff on there. Being on the mission I've seen the hand of the Lord in so many things and I know that He lives and loves us. He sacrificed all so that we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father. I feel both of their love for me and feel so blessed to live the life I have. He lives!

Sister Pope

1) You guys might be sick of seeing another picture of the basketball boys but here they are again!!! They're really just super amazing and they always bring their friends to our lessons so we usually have someone new to teach. From left to right, MikeMike, Marvin, Marlon, Aldrich, Ricky, Joseph 1, Argie, Joseph 2 and Carl. 

2) Me sitting on a jeepney!! This is what they look like on the inside. I look kind of dead in this picture, it was the first appointment we went to after being in the house for so long haha. Glad to be out in the real world!!

3) Sister Lee is in my district and they live on the other side of our house so we see her a lot. She KILLS me she's so funny haha. This is us on a tricycle going home after playing soccer at the church so that's why we look like we haven't showered in awhile haha, we haven't. There's a seat attachment on the side that can fit four people but since there were six of us Sister Lee and I sat on the back of the motorcycle. He was going sooooooo fast haha. Don't worry mom it's totally safe

4) Us on thanksgiving a couple weeks ago, eating chicken instead of turkey. Still good!!