Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Kamusta kamo everyone!!! Another good week diri sa Bacolod! I'll get right to it:

We went out to eat SO much this week since we had two district meetings and it was Thanksgiving so we just ate like animals. But I'm still losing the good ole poundage so don't worry mom!!! But I had chicken for Thanksgiving, I'll include a picture.

Our investigators are doing well! Mushroom boy Joshua has been doing his commitments and is SO devoted to change, he's so so excited for his baptism on the 17th and we are too :) Seriously it's the best teaching him because he just loves what we're teaching and gives such powerful prayers. Straight up homie siya. 

Basketball boys are doing well, except Joseph and his friends didn't go to church. Nice one Joseph. So we're having to readjust a few things for him but we're hoping that he'll be able to come next Sunday :) Marlon and Ricky came to church early this Sunday and BOTH of them were wearing POLOS and TIES!!!!! We about fell over dead. For real they would sometimes wear tank tops to church but what taught them sabbath day observance and they accepted SO well. I have a bakod gid picture sa ila to show sa inyo!! 

Anyways that's about it for the week, we continue on through the rain and hot and humid weather. Honestly the weather here doesn't bother me because I don't notice it but sometimes we'll be out proselyting and I feel fine but then I feel my back and my shirt is straight up soaked in sweat. Wooo pilipinas yaaa!!!! So on that TMI note I hope you all have a blessed week and welcome in December :)) Someone eat snow for me!!

Sister Pope

Lots of pictures this week get ready:

1) Happy Thanksgiving hahahaha still weird on the mission don't worry you all

2) PIZZAAAA it really was that big

3) Dinner at Marlon's house! This is what a lot of poor people eat here; fried fish, salted egg, tomato, and rice with soy sauce. It's actually really good and even more delicious with cool people. And Marlon is SO cool. He only makes about $20 a week but he always tells us how blessed his life is. He really is amazing!

4) The basketball boys at church! Ricky, Marlon, MikeMike, Cherist and Carl. They all wore the best they have :) 

5) Puto kids! They're always making puto and we help them when we can :) cooking in the pan is combo which is ~the~ tastiest thing, like funnel cake but with bananas on the inside YUM

6) John Dennis, one of our craziest investigators. He loves our lessons though and is so good about coming to church, he'll walk about fifteen minutes to church with his older brother. They're so awesome :)

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