Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey everybody!!! Merry Christmas! Haha, Christmas is in full swing here. Anyways, I'll get right to it because I have noooooo time this week :))

So Ricky is back home after being on vacation FOREVER, he's one of the basketball boys and recent converts, and is working with us again. Yay! People are amazing, especially him. We're really excited for his brother to be baptized next month. 

Mission tour was this week and ammaaaaaaazing!!! We had stake conference first with Elder Quentin L. Cook which was such a treat and then our mission tour had Bishop Wadell and Elder Robins speak. General authorities are just so amazing and we're so blessed to have their direction and guidance here on the mission, they said so many great things I needed to hear. To sum it up into one sentence: hold on to your families, they are SO important. 

Just a quick description of my area, it's mostly city but has a part with a lot of sugar cane fields. I actually really like being in the city because it's so much easier to teach lessons, I haven't scheduled a single appointment on my mission because people are always home and you'll just go up and be like "hey! can we teach you?" and they're like "yeah I'm not doing anything" haha, it's so great. I've really come to love this area and I'm so excited to see how it will progress while I'm here.

Anyways that's all for this week, things are going well and I'm loving the mission. I feel the language coming so much easier and loving the people has been a lot easier too. Until next week!! 

Sister Pope

1) Campo! (sugar cane) I'll try and remember to take pictures of city next week, it's just soooooo crazy in the city we never have time to just stop and stand

2) Basketball boys, Ricky is back!! Marlon, Carl, Joseph and Ricky. Joseph is Ricky's younger brother and is sooo excited to be baptized but is also a teenage boy so we're working on him keeping his commitments

3) We all DIED when we see this picture after I took it haha, that is Joseph's true laugh while Carl is tickling him. I love these boys!!!

4) Carl and Aldrich, they really like this picture I took of them

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