Sunday, November 13, 2016


November already whaaaatt??? Ano nahitabo??? Diin ang tion makadto??? Crazy. This week was pretty good, all good smiley things even though we got punted a LOT. I'll get to it though:

The companionship is going really well! Don't get me wrong I was hecka nervous to be companions with someone who speaks only a little bit of English but she is so so cute and sweet and I'm really blessed. Whenever something bad happens she'll say "see? what _____ can do??" So the most common thing was "punted" this week. Yey. Also I'm teaching her basic English which includes but isn't limited to the word "ghetto" and "thirsty" and "crusty". only the essentials guys.

Best thing this week is that ALDRICH IS BAPTIZED!!! Seriously it was so amazing. Back in September I have a picture with him and the other basketball boys and that picture was actually the first night I had met him and he was SO mean to me. He wouldn't pray, didn't want to look at us, and when extended baptism to him he just death-stared at me and said no. Little by little though he started listening to our lessons and at the end of one lesson he told us he wanted to change. And he's changed so so much. He stopped drinking, smoking, and stopped wearing his earrings because he wanted to change and I'm just so proud of him. He's amazing! Also speaking of amazing, I've been trying to get one of our investigators to stop wearing his earrings FOREVER but he just would not take them out. We taught about the Atonement one day though and after the lesson he gAVE ME his EARRINGS!! I was so surprised and he looked at me dead in the eye and said he would never wear them again. The Atonement changes lives people. 

Not much else happened but things are doing well as usual. I love my area and the awesome people, even though they drive me crazy sometimes :) So blessed this week and I'm excited for next week!! We have Stake Conference and Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming!! Yay. 

Well have a good week everyone and talk to you next week!!!

Sister Pope

1) Sister Ducado and I by the rice fields

2) Aldrich's baptism! Seriously such an awesome experience, and our recent convert Ricky was able to baptize him. So awesome! Also fun optical illusion, you might think I'm pregnant in this picture but my shirt is so messed up. Everyone there though thought the picture was so fun and they kept calling me "busong" which is pregnant in ilonggo!! I swear I've lost weight here haha. Anyways we love Aldrich and he's great

3) Our investigator's earrings!!! Still can't believe he gave them to me

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