Sunday, November 13, 2016


Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

Halloween is actually tomorrow here, Nov. 1st, and it isn't really Halloween either. As long as there's candy tomorrow though I honestly won't complain what they do. So I know you're all dying to hear how enthralling, crazy, adventurous my week was so here goes nothing:

So actually really nothing happened this week but here's a little insight into the Philippines missionary struggle. So here you handwash all your clothes, which means I should wash my clothes every week because I only brought enough clothes for a little over a week. However there comes a point when you have so much to do laundry really just falls to the bottom of the list and then every morning is a battle of trying to force yourself into thinking the shirt doesn't smell thaaaat bad and then putting on LOTS of deodorant. That was probably TMI but this is missionary life people. Update: I did my laundry this morning so don't worry mom.

Funnest thing that happened this week was at the basketball boys. There are these children that work making puto (child labor?? I'm not sure they're really sweet though) so as service we helped them pour the puto into cups and then take them out when they're done cooking. All the basketball boys helped too and were listening to twenty-one pilots and I was biting my tongue SOOO hard not to sing along. Dang it Satan why is there good music you tempt me with ugh fr. 

Speaking of music they've already started playing Christmas music EVERYWHERE. Our neighbor listens to the Michael Buble christmas soundtrack every morning and you know what I won't even complain he has a voice like an angel, I just will only sing along to the songs that are in the hymn book haha. 

Well that's all of my thrilling, roller-coaster week. Oh yeah I'm progressing a ton in Ilonggo since Sister Ducado doesn't understand my English haha. She's SO sweet and so patient though so it'll be a great companionship. That's all for this week though, hope you all have a great Halloween!

Sister Pope

1) Sister Ducado helping with puto and me just taking pictures haha. There was the CUTEST baby here and I'm not allowed to hold it ugghhh torture 

2) Sam-sam all painted for all-saints day, he's the sweetest cutest little kid, sibling of Analy. He doesn't call me Aswang :)) 

3) This is called "uhling" or something which means coal, the Tobongbanua's were doing it so I offered to help and they though it was HILARIOUS that I was doing it for real. They kept on trying to take the flappy thing from me, saying my clothes would smell bad and I'd just say "wa'ay ko labot gani!!!" which means "I don't care" and they thought it was SOOO funny

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