Sunday, November 13, 2016


Hi Everyone!!! Maayong hapon :)

So TRANSFERS were this week! AHHHHH!!!! So my companion, Sister Tongco, has been in Bacolod 2nd ward for sEVEN MONTHS so I knew for sure she would be transferred, although I wished and prayed she wouldn't be haha she for real is the best. But I have a new companion now! Sister Ducado, super duper tiny, super sweet, and super does not know any English at all :))) Also I'm leading the area and pretty much have no idea what I'm doing but it's alright. This transfer should be fun! Anyways I'll get to the week:

So I actually was a little sick this week, nothing serious, but I would get super dizzy and then my stomach would hurt really bad but we needed to visit some investigators so we went out. The Lord's work people we stop at nothing!! haha but a lot of the investigators we visited asked if I had a "bad feeling" (sick) and they could totally tell I was out of it. One on our recent converts even told me I had "usog" which is apparently this sickness you get if somebody looks at you in a bad way. Sooo yeah I had usog this past week, probably got it from the random dude I tried to OYM with the other day haha. 

Another basketball boy has been baptized! Carl Louie :) He for real is the best. He would smoke 12 cigarettes a day but he quit within a week and then went to church every Sunday for two months before he got baptized. His desire to be baptized was just so strong and amazing, the service was so awesome. And even more awesome because recent convert Marlon baptized him!!! Yaaaay! Love those boys so much for real!!

That's pretty much all for the week, other than the fact that two strangers and one of the investigators we teach called me fat. I've lost seven pounds since I've been here ok!!! I try my best not to be offended, I'll try to embrace this part of the culture haha. Anyways, that's all for this week. Fingers crossed I survive this week! Haha (but seriously)

Sister Pope

1) My new companion Sister Ducado!!! So tiny and sweet

2) I got to see Sister Rainey and Sister Schneider!!! I met them before the mission so it was so cool to see them on the field

3) Carl's baptism!!!! Marlon baptized him!!!!! Magical night for real, they are so bakod (strong)

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