Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hey everyone!!! 

Another crazy week in the Philippines. Transitioning from the MTC to the field was crazy (as in the whole they-didn't-teach-me-that-language-in-the-MTC is VERY real haha) but the people are amazing and my companion is great. I'll just go over the highlights of this week:

TONS of rain (ulan) here. Yesterday we had our umbrellas and were walking through the rain and NO jeepneys would stop for us so we had to walk so far in the rain. We were totally soaked when we got home and had to shower because the water from the roads is hecka nasty. 

Food here for me is I either love it or it's really... out there. Menudo and pancit are amazing and so yummy. I also tried dinuguan.. pigs blood.. and it actually wasn't bad. Wouldn't eat it again though haha. Also this is random but you see tons of people here snacking on the same brand of saltine crackers, "SkyFlakes". Like literally everyone you see everywhere is eating these things. I have an old lady in our ward that gives me a package of them whenever we see her.

Other random things.. there's a lot of lizards called "Tiki's" and my companion is absolutely terrified of them. Every time she sees one I have to swat it with a broom until it'll go away, it's so funny. I've thought of maybe a prank to do on her but she's too nice for pranks haha. 

I'll include a picture of my favorite people (not my favorite-I love everyone but... my favorite). We call them the "basketball boys". They live around a lot of bad influence but the two oldest in the photos are recent converts from almost about two months ago and the three others are siblings and friends, all investigators. The one in the back with the pink shirt is Marlon and he's so gentle and respectful and always gives us these squishy rice things called "puto", so yum. 

So that's about it, thank you everyone for your emails and support, believe me it is greatly needed and appreciated. Have an awesome week everyone!! Until next week!

Sister Pope

1) Some of the crazy primary/young women that help us teach one of our investigators. They always are touching my arm and playing with my hair, so cute.

2) The best people!! Marlon and Ricky are spiritual giants and great examples to the other boys that live in their area.

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