Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 7: BACALOD!!!!

Kamusta kamo!!!

So I'm finally here in the Philippines at long last!! There's a lot to do still today but I want to just share what the Philippines is like. So everyone here calls me Sister Barbie, I don't even know. The children on the street will run up to me, say something really fast in Ilonggo and then put my arm and say "awwww puti gid!!".. puti means white. Everyone, like EVERYONE here says how "guapa" I am but it's really just because of my really white skin. But, it's a great confidence booster haha. 

So I have my trainer, Sister Tongco, and she's seriously so amazing! She is a great teacher, a great friend and just so sweet. We even have the same first name! We both freaked when we found out haha. Our investigator Analy, 11, was baptized on Saturday and she's just so sweet. I'll include a picture of her and her parents. Her mom is a member and her dad is an investigator. The people here really are prepared to hear the gospel, it's incredible.

The members here are amazing, we have more member present lessons by far than other lessons, it's amazing! Like a big family. Bro. Lotayo gives us TONS of fruit all the time and gives us free rides on his tryke to appointments. 
Oh yeah, trykes and jeepneys. Lets just say that the traffic here is literally insane and I'm thankful I'm alive haha. 12 people on one scooter = indi maayo (not good). 

To finish I'll try and compile a quick list of what Filipinos love: roosters, sweeping (at 5 am...and sweeping nothing haha), sweet spaghetti, karaoke, and smiling. They're great. Although I;m hard on myself, I'm hoping this next week will be good. Love you all!

Sister Pope

​​​​​​1) Investigator, Samuel, with his wife and recent convert, Eva. Both have great faith and are really humble. I'll try and take a picture of their house next week

2) The rice fields here! Classic Philippines

3) Analy and my trainer, Sister Tongco. Both are amazing!

4) My two day companions, Elder Okerland and Elder Lee. Awesome companions haha, I miss them a lot​​​​​​​​

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