Sunday, October 23, 2016


Maayong udto everyone!! 

Another week already come and gone. It's freaking me out I don't know how time is working here. Anyways I won't ramble I'll just get straight to it:

So we had follow-up training this week!! Yay! That means I got to see everyone in my batch or group of missionaries that came out with me. It was so great to see fam all together again and see how people have already aged like five years haha. Missions are no joke people. 

Funny story this week: I made chicken curry which was mega delicious but we crammed ourselves full of it for lunch and then went to visit a members house. At the end the brought us soda and cookies (a lot of people here do this and it's SO nice, even if you know they can't afford it they'll go to the nearest store and buy cold drinks and snacks for you) and I was already SO FULL of chicken curry but I forced myself the 7-up and cookies. Then my companion told me her stomach can't handle the soda so I drank hers too!! I seriously thought I was going to die but the Lord strengthened me to eat more haha. The power of the gospel folks! 

Cool person this week: Marvin. We have investigators that we call "mga guple" which literally translates to "out-of-nowhere's" and those are investigators that will randomly join our discussion with a progressing investigator, and then start progressing SO much more than the investigator that was our focus haha. The second day we met him he went teaching with us?? And testified in the lesson??? And he came to church on Sunday, WALKING, in the pouring rain. Where did he come from??? He seriously has just made my week and is a straight up miracle. 

That's pretty much it for this week, I finished the Book of Mormon :))) I started when I went into the MTC and finished yesterday and I feel so incredibly blessed. There are so many small and simple truths that I learned from it and I know that it's true. Why else would I be in the Philippines showering myself with bucket water haha, it's true! Really a blessed week, thank you all for your love and support, it means the world! Love you all,

Sister Pope

1) Basketball boys :) Carl, white shirt black hat, will be baptized next Saturday and Marvin is the one standing next to me. This area is sssSSOooOOOoo blessed!

2) Analy and Aleah! I love these girls so much, Analy was baptized my first Saturday I was here and we've been best buds ever since, even though she calls me "aswang" sometimes (that means monster)

3,4,5) At request of my dad, apartment pictures! The first is my bathroom, then my shower :))) Bucket showers yAY! They're really not that bad, but they're also really not that great haha. The last is just a picture of my desk, messy as usual. wa'ay ko labot!

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