Sunday, October 23, 2016


Hey everybody!!! 

So it feels like I was here yesterday writing an email to you guys about last week and here I am already writing for this next week. WHAT. Time is blowing my mind. Especially with how long every day feels haha. Anyways lets move on to my week:

Biggest shout out ever to Morgan Higdon for real!!! She sent me a package of Halloween candy and the Filipinos here LOVED IT. She's just been a huge strength to me while I've been on my mission and I'm so grateful for her. Everyone should go one of her. Haha. Except Morgan I guess is a gender neutral name so when I got a package all of the Elders were like "whhooaoaaaoaoaooa who is that??!?!?? Sister Pope has a bbOOoooOOyyfriendDD!!!". Boys are so dumb sometimes haha. Anyways THANK YOU MORGAN I LOVE YOU!

I've mentioned Ricky Boy before in previous emails and he's been going on lessons teaching with us which has been really cool. He has such strong faith and is even thinking about serving a mission. He was baptized a month ago folks! He'll get the Aaronic priesthood soon and then baptize his brother and his brother's friends. That family is just so blessed. Ok that was my nice thing about Brother Ricky... ok storytime. We were teaching with Brother Ricky when Bishop invited us over for dinner so Ricky came with us. He fed us chicken curry which is like the tastiest thing ever and I wanted to be nice so I ate my plate and then seconds. However later that night, Brother Ricky in really broken English came up to me and said I needed to "take it easy" and "concerned really for stomach of yours, it may become like large woman" :/ Never had a boy tell me to not eat before haha. It's ok though I'll just account it to the culture difference...

I realized last week I've never described my apartment and then I forgot to take picture so I'll just do it next week haha. But yes, I do take bucket showers and wash my clothes by hands. I've become pretty metal out here on the mission field. 

Oh yeah!! General Conference was amazing. Definitely learned a lot about becoming patient through afflictions and accepting the Lord's will. If you missed any of the sessions just go on! 

Last thing, I have this bug bite on my leg that got so infected and I didn't tell the nurse about it until a couple of days ago and she said that bacteria has been eating my flesh away for two weeks :) I'll be fine I'll just get a really cool scar and tell people that I was shot in my leg or something haha. 

That's pretty much it for this week! Thank you everyone for your love and support, it's really appreciated by me. I feel so recharged every week! Halong kamo kag indi kamo malipat nga palangga kita sang Dios :) 

Mga palangga,

Sister Pope

1) Sister Tongco's birthday party. I ate so much spaghetti I didn't think I was going to make it home haha

2) The Tobongbanua's! This family is amazing. Such cute kids too

3) The basketball boys. This picture is just funny, we said Marlon looks like a young japanese girl haha

4) Pretty common view of us! It's always raining here but I've got waterproof shoes so its cool

5) Basketball boys again! Ricky and Marlon will receive the Aaronic preisthood next Sunday and then baptize the two other boys, Carl and Aldrich, pretty soon. Aldrich fell off a tricycle yesterday while it was moving though and totally destroyed his arm :(( he'll get better soon though

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