Sunday, September 4, 2016


Kumasta kamo!!

Another crazy fast week at the MTC with crazy slow days. I seriously don't understand it. Time is wild here! I wrote down a list again this week so I'll know what to say so here we go:

I got to host this week! That means that we're assigned to welcome all the new missionaries, get them their new materials and send them off to language class within the first ten minutes they get here and say goodbye to their parents. I hosted this AMAZING sister that's going to Poland. Her mother is from Poland and when her mom was 9, the police burned down her house (Poland was mega-communist then) and so she had to escape to America. She eventually found work in Utah, met a Mormon, and got married. Now her daughter is going to Poland!! Mega cool right? 

The clothing guidelines have changed for our mission so we can wear slacks now so the MTC gave them out to us. They're SO. UGLY. We were all trying them on and we looked so dumb haha but we have to take two pairs with us. So much extra weight!! I'd rather pack food!!!! 

I'll attach a picture but Elder Mahaffey has been trying to get more flexible so instead of playing basketball all through gym time, he tries to touch his toes. It's SO funny. His companion pushes his back so he can reach but he just can't do it. He always says "I shall touch my toes before I leave the MTC so I might not perish from inflexibility". He's so weird and funny. Another weird thing my district does because of him is call things "basura" which means trash. So he'll say "Basura sa akon" which directly means "I am trash" but Ilonggo doesn't translate to slang so it's weird and so funny. 

So a sad thing is that an Elder from our district has to go home because he got injured during gym time. GYM TIME IS A TRAP!!! DO NOT EXERCISE!!! But he'll be gone for six to twelve weeks and THEN come to the Philippines. It's been hard to think all of us aren't going out together but you really learn here that you've got to rely on the Lord's time, for everything. 

Only other thing I can think of are two awesome new friends I've made while I've been here. They're going to two different places in America but they're on an ASL mission. The one Elder, Elder Michaels is SO funny and has so much energy and the other, Elder Pauley, is so so sweet and hilarious. Elder Pauley is completely deaf and THE most happiest person I've ever met. He's taught me some sign language so I can ask him how he's doing and where he's going but that's pretty much it. His spirit is so strong though and it's encouraged my determination to serve a mission even more. 

LAST THING we got our flight information last week!!! We leave on Wednesday at 7:35 and we'll be traveling for two days. My two companions have been assigned to a different travel group than me so I'll be in a companionship with two ELDERS while we're traveling. La-in gid!!! (really weird) It's fine though because nobody sits next to anyone on the plane. So excited to leave now though!! The 7th can't come soon enough!!!!

Thank you all for all your support and love, it means the world for me to get on here and see all the nice emails. Mostly because I have dreams like the night before p-day where I only have three emails and they're all from H&M or something HA. So glad that doesn't happen. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!! MAKITA NILA DASON SEMANA!!!

palangga ta kamo!!!

Sister Pope

Sorry for only two pictures literally nothing crazy happened this week I don't even know how I wrote this much for this email 

1) Elder Mahaffey and Elder Green trying to stretch between class time. They're so dumb haha

2) Elders from our neighboring district, from left to right, Elder Rodgers, Elder Young, Elder Maughn, Elder Davenport, and Elder Gonzalez. They're so crazy and fun

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