Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 4: TATER TOTS!!

Hello Everyone!!

Good week this week, lots of happy moments. The two Cebuano districts left on Tuesday which was sad, it was a lot of fun having them here and I'll miss them a lot. The new districts got here on Wednesday and they're full of fun people. Along with people leaving, our teacher Brother Rutherford left for Jerusalem after working at the MTC for three years and he was the one that played our first investigator. He was for sure a spiritual giant and we've missed him a lot but he's going to spend an amazing three months in Jerusalem. 

Things are going well with classes, we are progressing with our "investigators" and got a new one this week, "Loreto" who is mysteriously also Bro. Meek. It's actually funny because I get so serious when I teach but Brother Meek asks such ridiculous questions when we're teaching that even HE cracks a smile so I start laughing while explaining why we use bread for the sacrament and not potato chips. Dang it Loreto!! Also Brother Meek told us this crazy story about him building these covered wagon camping things and got run over by one. These things are like a thousand pounds and one went over his shoulder but to this day he doesn't have any complications. CRAZY. 

The best thing about the food here is that about twice a week for breakfast they have tater tots. Tater tots are really the best thing ever and they always start my morning right. Also cool thing: the Nashville Tribute Band came as our devotional on Sunday and the MTC choir got to sing with them, it was pretty awesome. I also got to see my cousin Elder Reid before he peaced out for Australia, it was mega awesome!! But I had to keep saying to the staring missionaries "He's my cousin!!!" because you're not allowed to hug missionaries that aren't family members. Anyways, fun to see him before he was off!

Last words for this week are that the elders in our zone are pretty awesome. We all get along so well and they're so much fun to be around, they've definitely made the stay at the MTC awesome! I even have secret handshakes with some of them, they're just amazing. It'll be hard to say goodbye to them all in just two weeks! Anyways, that's pretty much it for this week. I'm learning more and more each class time and loving the mission so much! Definitely one of the best life decisions I've made so far. 

I've loved my time here and my testimony has grown so much more being here and seeing the devotion thatthousands of other missionaries have to serve the Lord and move His work forward. Kabalo ako nga matuod ang ebanghelyo!!! 

Have an awesome week every one!!! Plangga kita sang Dios!!! 

Sister Pope

1) Elder Okerland and Elder Lee, they're awesome and always talk in british accents while speaking Ilonggo HA

2) Finally a district picture with everyone in our district!! (plus Elder Lee and Elder Glenn) 

3) There's this dumb game here where if you shoot a fake blowdart to someone they have to get down on one knee and can only get back up if you touch their shoulder. Elder Gonzalez was really milkin it with Elder Maughn and asked me to take this picture of them haha. Elders are so weird

4) Me and Stir Fry!!!!! I'm gonna miss having my cousin here so much

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