Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hey Everyone! 

So the entire MTC and BYU servers shut down on Monday during our email time so I wasn't able to send pictures and email back everyone but it's all good. This week has just gone by SO fast!! I don't even know where to start, I feel like my mind goes blank as soon as I open up a new email haha. Best news this week is that Sister Garrish's foot is looking good to we're thinking she'll be able to come out with us on Sep. 7th!! Raise the roof! My district has been the bomb looking out for us and being really friendly, they always wait for us when we go to meals and carry Sis. Garrish's scooter thing down the stairs so I don't have to. It's the BEST. Meals here have been.. bad haha. There are so many missionaries here that we have to wait in line for like thirty minutes at every meal IF they don't run out of food, then it's cereal for dinner. It's been fine though, we get enough which is what's important. 

I'm learning a lot in class but having a hard time with the sentence structure. In Ilonggo, they start with the verb, then the focus, then the object and then the location. So everything is like "go we cafeteria". Also something funny we learned that to say "The people killed Jesus" you say Ginpatay ni JesuCristo ang mga tawo" but if you say "Ginpatay si Jesucristo sang mga tawo" you say "Jesus Christ killed the people" WHOOPSIE. I said it accidentally in the lesson and the investigator looked horrified haha whoopsies. Our teachers tell us to think like cavemen and that's been helping a little bit haha. We've learned a few gestures this week too and they taught me the lip thing where you point to something with your lips. Bro. Meek does it ALL the time on accident it's so funny. 

Sister Cherry, Sister Pito and Sister T leave this week :( They're awesome and so funny, I'll miss them a lot. My favorite thing to do with them is our evening prayer, we say it in the language we're learning and then whoever said the prayer says something nice about everyone before we go to bed so we're always ending the day right. They leave on Wednesday :(( I got called to Sister Training Leader though with Sister Gonzales and Sister Garrish so we got to take care of the girls coming in on Wednesday!! Wooo!!

Highlight of this week has been blaming everything on Satan haha. I took off my shoes when we got back to the residence one night and Sister Gonzales said "WHOA that smells awful DANG IT SATAN!!" it makes me laugh SO HARD every time haha she's the best. 

Wow I really can't think of anything else other than just going to class, eating (or maybe not...), and sleeping. Thanks to everyone for the emails and loves, I really appreciate them! You guys rock!!! 

Sister Pope

1) This is the zone leaders wallpaper on their phone... yes that is Elder Mills

2) So 500 spoons are missing from the MTC cafeteria and nobody can find them... #MTCprobs

3) Our district! Minus Elder Kortus and Elder Charters, they were very lost that day haha. It goes Elder Green, Elder Robins, Elder Taufa (not in our district.. photobomb haha), Elder Mills, Elder Brown, Elder Mahaffey, Elder Kelly, Me!!, Sister Garrish, and Sister Gonzales. They're all AWESOME!!!

4) Elder Green and Elder Robins, the new zone leaders!!!!!

5) Elder Glenn and Elder Matsen in our district, everytime we see them we just say KUU-MOO-STAAAHH!! 

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