Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 2: SUBONG!

Kamusta everyone! 

It feels weird to be typing on this computer right now, I've already been sucked into the time warp that is the MTC. People are not kidding when they say days drag on FOREVER and then the whole week is gone and you're wondering where the time went. It's crazy! But all and all the time I've had here has been amazing. The language has been coming along well but I've learned something tricky about it. I thought that Hiligaynon and Ilonggo where the same language but apparently they are pretty different. They speak Ilonggo in Bacolod and it's completely based off Hiligaynon, but it has spanish and cebuano influences in it whereas all of Hiligaynon is it's own words. So there's a lot our teacher tries to correct and fix when he's teaching. He'll say stuff like "well the book says this but really everyone says..." It's kind of frustrating because we can't study ahead since everything is pretty much wrong but God know that I need to be more patient and I'm trying. 

We didn't do a whole lot this week, it's really just a cycle of exercise, food, class, food, study, class, food, study. We got a new "investigator" this week and we'll be teaching her on Wednesday. Sometimes I have dreams where I get to teach my investigators in English. They're never reality. HA. It's cool though because the language sounds so amazing. We get to do sessions at the temple on our p-day too which has been awesome, especially with the other missionaries. It was fine at St. Louis but there were only a bunch of old people in our sessions (not the I don't love old people, I do, they're amazing); it was just nice to have some people my age.

The food here is a time-food warp too because some mornings I feel SO fat in my clothes and by the end of the day I swear I've lost ten pounds. The MTC really is a magical place kiddos!!! 

I leave off on two funny singing stories: we have exercise in the morning so it's only my two companions and the other three sisters in our zone in there and they ALWAYS ask me to sing songs and one of the sisters from Samoa wants me to sing the National Anthem haha she's so cute. But anyways, the sister from Tahiti, Sister Pito, only knows the first part of the Jurassic Park theme song and she'll have random words go along with the tune and she'll just sing it over and over. She's too cute. Also, my companion Sister Gonzales sings the hymn "Today, While the Sun Shines" but instead of saying "today" on the chorus, she'll sing the ilonggo word for "now" and sing at the top of her lungs "SUBONG! SUBONG! WORK WITH A WILL!" It makes me laugh everytime and she gets it stuck in the whole district's head. HA. She's such a gift. 

Anyways, that's about it for this week. I think I might've said this last week but this Elder at the MTC keeps getting my DearElders. His name is Elder Alec Pope. FUNNY. He gets my mail but doesn't send it back to me and just throws it away. NOT FUNNY. I got all of them starting from last Tuesday though (because I spoke strongly at him during a mission conference and couldn't yell) so I should be able to get them now. Thank you all so much for your support and caring! It means the world. Talk to you all next week! Palangga taka! 

Sister Pope

1) All the elders in our class had to do push ups because... actually I can't remember why haha but Elder Green did 50!!

2) My name tag <3 <3 I love to see the temple

3) Us by the Philippines!!! Three more weeks.

4) Sister Gonzales is from the Philippines and brought this fan with her. Literally its the only things that keeps me alive when we sit outside for PCL.

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