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It's been my first week at the MTC and it's been just so crazy I can hardly believe it. I was beginning to believe that p-day would never come haha. We got to do laundry and things today though so it's all maayo! First couple of days was tough, especially having no idea what my teacher is saying to me mostly all of the time but it's all around been an awesome experience. DISCLAIMER: Missions are really hard. But I'm learning to humble myself and get into the work without thinking about myself too much. 

I got put into a trio companionship with Sister Garrish and Sister Gonzalez since we're the only three sisters in our district and then the only three of six in our entire zone. Lots of boys. 18 year old, silly, dumb boys. But incredibly spiritual and very helpful in learning the language. (one of them asked me what dryer sheets were and if you put them in the washer or dryer. WHO RAISED YOU?!!?) On the third day out here when we had exercise time, Sis. Garrish landed on her foot wrong and broke it. Dang it right?? So please please PLEASE send your prayers towards her. Her foot is in a boot right now and we need all the time at the MTC for her to heal and then some miracle for her to come out to the Philippines with us because if things don't work out, she'll have to go back home to get surgery and then come back in two months and we SO don't want that. (unless that's what's supposed to happen, but we want her to come with us).

You all could've expected this, but my teacher speaks in mostly/all hiligaynon which made my mind explode the first day but I've actually learned so much. Everyone here asks if I learned the language before (why yes actually I took hiligaynon in high school???). It's fun though. My companions make fun of me a lot that I have a connection to everyone here and I think it's true. People will tell me where they're from or where they're going and I've either been there or know someone there. I actually met someone at the gym that grew up in Arvada and was childhood friends with my roommate's husband, Kevin. HA. Our first lesson with an "investigator" was on Friday and I almost cried/threw up after it I was so upset with myself and frustrated haha. I couldn't say anything I wanted to and if you speak in English the investigator pretends like he doesn't understand you and it's really hard BUT we had our second lesson on Monday and our lesson was AMAZING. He read the Book of Mormon and we committed him to baptism *fist pump* I know it's just an actor but I was still SO happy. Also my left toe has been numb the whole week I've been here, even when I'm not wearing shoes and it's freaking me out. If anyone can tell me what that is please let me know so I can convince myself I don't have some debilitating disease haha. 

On the rest of the days, we just have six hours of class and then four hours of PCL (personal, companion, language study) and it's helped me to SYL (speak your language) a lot. Also I saw Kyle and Nick at the temple on Sunday! It was such a tender mercy since I had hoped to see them all week and they just happened to have their time at the temple be the same as mine. They're doing amazing in Chinese and can't wait till we're all out in Asia. All and all, I'm so happy to be here and cannot wait for my roommates to get their mission calls!! Seriously so proud of them. Also mega shout-out to Morgan Higdon and Elizabeth Melby. Their letters kept me alive this week fr. I cried haha. Also thank you to my family who wrote me DearElders, I love getting those so much. 

Anyways, to close, here's a few things I learned this week:
- I am really bad at volleyball
- the Lord makes you be humble when you need to learn something
- I have amazing friends that email me
- the sisters in my zone keep me goin 
- hiligaynon is really hard 

Other than that, I have a zillion pictures to share so enjoy! I miss you all so much and love you all. Also I've gotten a couple emails asking for my address so here it is:

Sister Alyssa Pope
2005N 900E UNIT 115
PROVO, UT 84602

Kabalo ako nga matuod and Libro ni Mormon kag buhi ni JesuCristo. (wrote that from memory yay!!! It says I know the book of mormon is true and Jesus Christ lives) Love you guys!!! Until next week. 

Sister Pope 

1) Sister Gonzalez, Sister Garrish and I getting ready for the day

2) Our awesome teacher brother Meek!!

3) Our district leader, Elder Mills

4) Sister Gonzalez saying her evening prayers under a blanket. She feel asleep under there hahaha.

5)Roomies/companions!!! From right to left: Sister Cherry, Sister Pito, Sister Tagage, me, Sister Gonzalez and Sister Garrish. I'll write more about them next week when I have more time.

6) Me and Sister T!! She lets me hug her everyday and says "If you fight, I fight. If you go home, I go home". She's the best

7) Elders from our Zone! On the left is Elder Green and on the right is Elder Glenn. Both awesome guys.

8) Best part of the week by far!!! Loved running into these guys at the temple, especially with Elder Daines leaving just today. 

9) fanning myself off with the "Our Purpose" poster. I'm going to die in the Philippines haha.

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