Monday, June 6, 2016


My inner mountain woman came out this weekend. I went to the grand freaking canyon.
We drove to the border between Arizona and Utah to camp at this random borderline campsite.

My attempts at a night sky are improving but still pretty crappy

There was literally nothing all around us. We took this dirt/gravel road for miles until we reached the interstate then took that for another two or three hours until we finally made it to the Grand Canyon.

I don't know why, but I guess I always thought that the Grand Canyon was a huge gouge in the middle of a wide desert but the North Rim has tons and tons of beautiful pine trees.

We took the Bright Angel trail, the Cape Royal trail, and the Cape Final trail and all of them together took us about four or five hours. Four or five hours of absolute and total BEAUTY.

This is the forest that goes on for miles and miles until you reach the Utah/Arizona border. It smelled like pine all the way through and was actually a bit chilly in the forest.

It was only around 5 pm when we started heading back home so we decided to hit one more cool place before we decided to peace out. My mom suggested that we go see the Coral Pink Sand Dunes and it was on the way home so it worked out perfectly. Man they were SO cool.

It was a good way to finish off my time in Utah. I have a family reunion next weekend and then I'll be out on the road for Saint Louis. I'll miss these road trip crumbs.

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  1. Cute leg tan line (; also you're just generally cute i love this