Monday, May 2, 2016


So Alex's wedding was on Saturday... which meant I got to see all of my beautiful roommates again.

We found this wandering around Provo before Alex's open house 

I found them in front of the Provo City Center Temple Saturday afternoon and literally ran to them. I can't believe I said goodbye to them just a week ago because it's felt SO much longer. Saying goodbye to them was one of the hardest goodbyes of my whole life. I'm pretty sure I haven't cried so much in two days... ever. Haha
We got to the temple at 12 and judged every bride that came out of the temple (there were a lot). I think we only found one dress that wasn't totally basic. We came around to the front and Alex get her pictures taken with family and friends, and most importantly, us.

After the temple we wandered around downtown Provo in search of something to occupy our time for six hours. We had been wanting to make soap at this little store across the street from the temple for a real long time but it never worked out when we tried to go so we decided today was the day. It was so fun but the people there were... weird. I out way too much essential oil and charcoal into mine but I can't wait to use it as my face wash now!

We also went by this bakery and got something to eat and I got this crazy delicious thing called a cronut but it's pretty much a churro-like donut that's cut in half with yummy cream cheese frosting in the middle.


We went to Rockwell's after we made soap and got some ice cream and stayed in that building for probably three hours to kill time since it was pouring outside. The open house was super cute but also super sad because I had to say goodbye to everyone. aGAIN. No tears this time though because my tear ducts were so worn out from last week (seriously. the night I moved out and said goodbye to them the first time I just cried for ten minutes before I went to sleep). I love them with all my heart though and I can't wait to room with them again in two years.

Anyways, JESSIE came into town! It was just her and she drove all the way out here by herself. She spent all of Sunday with me driving up the canyon to Bridal Veil Falls and Sundance. She can get so crazy sometimes and brings out my weird side more than anyone else but she's an amazing person and I look up to her so much.

Where are we?

She left early this morning to go back home and I said goodbye to her for two years. It feels weird how much I've been having to say that to people lately, soon enough I'll be saying it to my mom which is going to be SO weird. They say the years fly by though so I guess we'll just see. So many lasts this week but it was fun. I'll miss everyone so much.