Monday, May 9, 2016


This weekend was just one crazy adventure after another.
Elizabeth has this adorable and gorgeous friend named Madi who's leaving on a mission to Peru and Elizabeth decided to drive up to Boise for her farewell. THIS is where it all began.

Elizabeth invited me to tag along with her on this adventure so after work on Friday, we piled into her car with a zillion pillows and blankets and started on our way. When we hit the Idaho border it started getting super dark super fast and Elizabeth was super done with driving so I searched all over google for a nearby campsite. What I got was the Sublett National Park campsite.
Oh boy.
Literally miles of gravel/dirt road to get to this freakin' place. Also we couldn't see ANYTHING because the sky was completely overcast so all we could see was what was illuminated by our headlights: aka the gravel road and the huge cliff on one side of the road. 

We snapped this picture before we passed out in the back of her car in a cocoon of pillows and blankets.

I cannot emphasize enough how much we didn't know about this area. We couldn't see anything outside at all and after my mom went on and on over the phone of how we could get kidnapped, attacked by a bear, freeze to death, etc. etc., I just wanted to go to sleep. And after a long night, we woke up to this.

Rolling green, beautiful hills for miles and miles. We both just looked at each other and wondered how in the crap we got there. The rest of the morning was just exploring and eating breakfast.

 Our cocoon of pillows and blankets that made up our bed

mmMMmm crunchitize me cap'n

 Took pictures of the campsite area just in case we hallucinated the whole thing

We left right after and started on our way to Boise. On I-84, there were all these attraction site advertisements and we totally fell for one to see the Shoshone Falls. Best. Decision. Ever. They were absolutely gorgeous to say the least.

An ancient old man took our picture for us he was ADORABLE

We had a little picnic and soon headed off once again for the open road and luckily, weren't distracted by any more stops so we eventually made it to the house we were staying at. My hair was super greasy from sleeping in the back of a car so I got all showered up and Elizabeth did her laundry before we saw anybody. 

We went over to Madi's and got some Panera (Utah has NO bread co. it's super sad) and screwed around at their house a little bit. Her dad's office is about the coolest thing I've ever seen and when I told him I was a geology major, I wasn't surprised in the slightest when he whipped out a rock collection. I was seriously so so pumped to talk rocks with somebody and nerded out with Scott for a solid two hours. He gave me a geode to crack open and some chert. Can you say kindred spirits?!

Madi's farewell was the next day and we sat with her family in the meeting. Her brother Porter literally doodled the whole time a kept bumping my arm with his hand on accident. Annoying little poophead. Her open house afterwards was amaze craze because her mom had made homemade Cafe Rio sweet pork bowls and it was so crazy yummy. 

At about 3 pm we decided we really needed to get back out on the road if we wanted to be in Provo by 10 pm that night so we said our goodbyes and went packin' down the road. We hardly made it twenty minutes outside Meridian when the engine started freaking out and the air conditioning turned off. Obviously we pulled off to the nearest exit as quickly as we could and stopped it at the top. That was a mistake. The car would NOT start up again no matter how much umph we gave it. So, we put it in neutral and literally pushed it to the nearest gravel pit. 

 Miles and miles of literally nothing

Elizabeth called up Madi to come over ASAP and then called a tow truck because this car was not going anywhere. Madi's dad, Scott, came and inspected our engine for us. Oil and coolant BOTH were bone dry. The tow truck guy was literally the worst human being on the planet and came three and a half hours late so we didn't get the car towed and outta there until 8 pm. We just went back to their house, popped some popcorn, and screwed around sorting through boy scout collectable pins and playing Phase 10 until it was bedtime (I totally destroyed everyone in Phase 10 btw). 

In the morning we went to the U-haul place and the mechanic to rent out a truck and hitch so we could haul the crappin' car back to Murray where the dealership was. 

The Jeppson's bought us a pizza to take on the road then sent us off on our way. For real these people are the most amazing people I've ever met, they were so kind and incredibly helpful when we were SUCH an inconvenience. Everyone should try and be like Mignon and Scott Jeppson. We made it to Provo finally in one piece and I'm really done with being in a car for awhile. We're still not done with our adventures though, stay tuned for our future escapades in the Utah wilderness with Ron and Eugene. 

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  1. First, you two are sooo cute!!! Second, why have you never worn that shirt?! I love it!!!
    Third, I am VERY interested in hearing about your future escapades.