Thursday, April 21, 2016


Today is gonna be a rough day.
We're moving out tomorrow.

Yesterday was Jordan's last day with us so we spent it all together. ALSO the last day of finals! I thought I wasn't going to pass chemistry there for a second but I PASSED! And I finished this semester with a higher GPA from last semester so all in all, I'm satisfied. Anyways, at midnight we met at the boys apartment and played a few rounds of Mario Kart before we piled into Em's mini van for Y mountain. We've been here for almost nine months and still hadn't made the hike so we decided tonight was the night to do it.

Going up was pretty rough because since I've been here I've probably gone on two runs total so we took a couple breaks but eventually made it to the top. Up there we took some pictures that turned out insanely good for how tired and gross we were.

Jordan's last day with us. I'll miss that big ol' maple leaf so much. *secret handshake*

Squad with Provo in the background

Roomies 5ever

Last Taylor pic </3

This picture was taken before we were crazy delirious from staying up all night

Kyle pre-haircut. RIP the fro.

We stayed up there until 2 am talking about the semester and reminiscing on good times. We soon were overtaken by hunger so we made the trek back to the parking lot. I learned that I have really bad depth perception in the dark and I totally wiped out on one of the switchbacks trying to beat Kyle. I guess my blue drift was a little *too* clutch.
We came back to Heritage to cram Heidi and Alex in the car and Alex had to lay across Nick, Kyle and I in the back. Within less than a minute of Alex laying across us he farted, which shouldn't surprise me, but he's such a butthole. We went to Denny's and got a half seat half booth table and instantly ordered because we were DYING.

The only picture of Alex from tonight. *Alex voice* awe.

We ate and talked for a good two hours until our conversation quickly deteriorated near the end into weird sounds effects and explosive laughter at nothing. We were pretty tired. We crammed back into the car and went back to Heritage since they still had a crap ton of stuff to do and it was really late. In the car Alex was being absolutely crazy and kept trying to kiss me and poking out his tummy so much so I would rub it. He's one crazy kid. When we got home, we walked the boys back their building and said our goodbyes to Jordan. I hadn't really felt too sad the entire night but when we were actually hugging and saying goodbye, it suddenly got so real. I had to hold back them salty tears cause I felt them coming. I know Jordan is going to do crazy amazing things in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We went back to our apartment feeling all sentimental and stayed up until the sun did too. We went outside and tried to watch the sun come up over the mountains but the dang sun never came, so we ended up just spooning on the concrete in front of our apartment for a solid 45 minutes. Needless to say, when we came back inside, we passed out for like five hours.

Photo courtesy of grape

Tonight is our last night with the rest of the boys and tomorrow is my last day with my beloved roomies. It doesn't even seem real. I feel like I moved in a month ago and I still have classes. I feel like we just met the boys at the ice cream social and now we're already leaving. They became the best friends I've had here at college and I'll always be grateful that Jordan took a chance on us and sat next to a bunch of random, weird girls that were super antisocial. I don't want to say goodbye to them, but as Carson said to me at the end of fall semester, "the sooner we say goodbye, the sooner we'll see each other again."

Here's to the end of my first year of college, amazing roommates, and great friends that I hope last a lifetime. Two short years. See you soon, my friends.

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