Monday, April 4, 2016


I thought I should dedicate a post to my roommates/buds here at BYU so here we go.
These are my roommates:

[Taylor, Savannah, Heidi, Alex, me and Emily]

Since day one we've been doing tons of stuff together, I think we got incredibly lucky in terms of roommate arrangements. 
We can get a little crayrazy at times.

Most of our inside jokes consist of late, sleep-deprived nights of studying and slightly losing it. Some of these involve: obaba, rhinorrhea, anise, heritage as breadsticks, and countless weird things that don't even make sense to us the day after we think it's funny. 

We've had some crazy times together and all in all I love these girls so much.

Emily and I collecting macroinverterbrates at Provo River

Krazy Kamping

Does this look like a Y?? It does to us. GO BYU.

We usually only hang out with one other group of guys that I mentioned in my last post, and that is our lovely boy dorm which we refer to as "the boys".
We met them our first Sunday here at a ward ice cream social and good ol' Jordan decided to sit next to us. We didn't really think we'd see much of them after that activity but we saw them again at a pizza activity for our ward so we just kept hanging out with them. I think they were a little boring at first and didn't ~really~ like hanging out with us but we've definitely grown on them since then. We took a trip up in the mountains with them a while back with a couple of them and it was such a blast, these guys crack me up.

[kyle, nick, jordan and carson]

Kyle achieving ~model~ status

Around Thanksgiving weekend I was at the apartment by myself and Carson said he was up to hang out so Carson, Jordan, Nick, Alex and I all went down to Park City for the day, eating food and roaming around Native American shops.

Jordan likes to hang loose

Carson left us at semester for his mission in Houston, Texas

I hate how much Alex likes this picture but it's the best one I have of him

Nickle pickle <3

These guys are super fun and we've had a blast lurking around the campus tunnels, playing video games, and watching movies with them. Nick and Kyle have both been called to serve in Taiwan, Jordan's been called to the Czech/Slovak mission, and Alex is serving a performing mission in Nauvoo, Illinois. He also recently decided to submit his papers for a full-time mission, he's going to be great. Hopefully I'll be able to stay in touch with these nerds when we all get back from our missions, they're pretty ~groovy~ and fun.

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