Sunday, April 3, 2016


I've never used a blog before but I've been stalking countless missionary blogs and decided I had to get my own. Also my dumb roommate has one and hers is pretty cute. Savannah, if you ever see this, you're sitting on your bed right now watching Gossip Girl and laughing so loud it's distracting me. Also, you get partial credit for me getting a blog.

Anyways, I thought I'd catch myself up on all my happenings on my first year of college in a single blog post. 

These are our guy friends of whom we met on our first day of college:

(photo courtesy of yours truly)

From left to right, it goes Jordan, Kyle, Alex, Carson, Nick and Anthony (Tony). I love these guys. They're crazy and weird but super fun. Also, we miss Carson who is on his mission right now in South Houston, Texas. We love you Carso!

My roommates are also crazy fun and my own roomie is super fun (who has only been my roommate from the beginning of the semester). My old roommate was really type-A and totally got on my nerves and I guess I did the same since she moved out last semester. Oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Here's a pretty good picture of the whole gang looking fire *fire emoji*

It goes Savannah, Emily, me, Taylor and Alex. We're missing one in this picture but she was in art class that day.

Pretty much my only other friends here have been my love Elizabeth Melby and a few randos on the way. Smelby's and my shenanigans mostly consist of watching crazy good movies, eating food, and doing weird/fun stuff, like the Holli festival.

I've recently started hanging out with this guy named Ron (that's his real name) and he's pretty fun and is insane about rock climbing. Seriously. I think half the time he just lives in Rock Canyon (he actually did for like a week and was sort of homeless). He's fun and not too weird and loves ROCKS so how can I not at least be buds with him?? He's taken me rock climbing a couple times and brought his weirdo teddy-bear friend Eugene. Ron also took me on a ~date~ a couple of weekends ago and we went on a hike up Squaw Peak. The. Whole. Thing. I was dead tired but the view was awesome.

7.1 mile hike baby!

I'm currently loving it here at Brigham Young University though and I'm absolutely loving my major in Geology! Rocks are amazing and Earth processes fascinate me. Fingers crossed I still love it when I get back from my mission.

Speaking of, I get my calling in about a week or so, fingers crossed I make it through the week and don't go absolutely insane! Em just got hers and is going to Richmond, Virginia Spanish speaking, she's going to be an amazing missionary. 
Here's her being adorable and reading off her calling:

It's only a matter of time until I know! I'm so pumped to serve the Lord and go out for a year and a half. I just wanna know WHERE. Soon enough.

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