Sunday, April 10, 2016


Our dorm went on a group date today with the boys (I've already been on three dates with Kyle off the record which I don't count but all the boys insist they do).
But before I get into that, I met some girls that have also been called to the Philippines Bacolod Mission! Their names are Sarah and Jessie and they're super sweet.

We went out to lunch at Costa Vida together and just talked and talked about our mission and the Philippines. Turns out I'm a super huge freak because from the zillions of blogs I've been pouring over for information, I've learned a crap ton of facts about the Philippines and its people.
- Filipinos love their karaoke machines
- Their spaghetti sauce is very sweet
- Bacolod is known as the "city of smiles"
- A/C really is not a thing there
- Bucket showers are the way you get clean
That's only a few, I literally kept dropping all these random facts through the lunch and probably sounded like a huge dork. I don't really care though cause I'm crazy excited.
After lunch, we went to the Provo temple to snap a few pics together. Jessie leaves on May 4th and Sarah leaves June 15th, so we'll just barely miss each other in the MTC since we're only there for six weeks. Hopefully I'll see them again out on the field as one of my COMPANIONS!

Jessie dropped us off at our dorms and I hurried back home to grab my camera for our group date. Our plan was to go to the Kiwanis Park for a cute little picnic and just screw around for the rest of the day, playing games and enjoying each others company in one big group for probably the last time. We set up a blanket and ate junk food like chips and pop tarts when we got there and Alex shoved a bunch of chips in his mouth ~just~ for me.

It looks like he's winking but I think he's struggling to swallow. Classic Alex.

After a little bit we went over to the basketball court and played HORSE and Sav and I got out pretty fast. While everyone else was finishing up, we went over to the playground to explore and Savannah tried to hang upside down which seemed to go really good for her.

Yep, that was sarcasm. She pretty much almost died.

We went back over to play another game called "hoops" and then just started screwing around and making random shots while shouting "ball is life" every 20 seconds. Kyle actually got a really good shot after Jordan failed several times in a row (if you're reading this Jordan, my man, ball is life and you win at basketball forever *special handshake*). Kyle thinks ball is life but...

It started raining so we gathered up the food and went back to our apartment. I brought out my nice speakers and blasted some Daft Punk while we waited for pizza to come and Jordan got some charades going and I must say, he really gets into it. We played a game of poker and I was on a team with Kyle and we WON. Good job on the fourth date, Kyle.
We played another card game and soon enough it was already curfew. So, our eight hour date was super fun and I'll miss these crazy boys so much. 

I'll never let go, Nick

It's insane to think that in just two weeks, my first year of college will be over and I won't see these guys again for another two years. But, I know they'll do amazing things on their missions and I can't wait to see the men they become when we see each other again. 

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